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Which Pathways interest you?

If youíre a natural born leader who considers yourself an influencer among friends or if youíre organized, enjoy math and new technology, this pathway is for you. Areas of study include accounting, business administration, entrepreneurship, administrative assistant and more.

This pathway is a great fit if youíre practical, enjoy hands-on work outdoors or working with animals. Areas of study include agriculture, horticulture, floral design, veterinary medical technology and more.

Are you a quick problem solver? If you enjoy lab work and conducting research, this pathway was designed for you. Areas of study include nursing, phlebotomy, sonography, radiologic technology, emergency medical technology, fire science, law enforcement, criminal justice, cybersecurity and more.

If you enjoy building or repairing machines or other structures, figuring out how things work and solving hands-on mechanical problems, this pathway is for you. Areas of study include architecture, construction management, CADD, automotive technology, mechanical production technology, orthotics and prosthetics, computer programming, computer networking and more.

This pathway is a great fit if you are a creative team player who enjoys learning new things and hands-on work. Areas of study include culinary arts, restaurant management, hospitality management, event planning and more.

If youíre an empathetic servant leader who enjoys helping others, learning about human behavior and working in groups, this pathway is for you. Areas of study include psychology, political science, sociology, human services, child development, education and more.

If you arenít looking to earn college credit, but instead want to either prepare for the GED, learn English as a second language or find a hands-on, non-credit career training program like truck driving, forklift driving, dental assisting and more, this pathway is for you.

Are you analytical and mathematically-minded? This pathway focuses on science, technology, engineering and math. Areas of study include biology, physics, mathematics, chemistry, geology, engineering, kinesiology and more.

If you enjoy expressing yourself in an artistic or creative way and consider yourself a good writer, speaker or designer, this pathway is for you. Areas of study include art, music, theatre, communications, English, foreign languages, social media, web design, game design and more.